My art goes beyond filmmaking. Sometimes I feel the need to build something, walk around it and see it live in the space.

My first mapping video project was produced as part of the training program in live video and architectural mapping of the SOCIETY OF TECHNOLOGICAL ARTS of Montreal. Using different software like Resolume Arena and digital images made with Final Cut Pro, PolyGen for Iphone and PixelBoom for Iphone, I set up a one-minute project.

This interactive installation was designed to create a mystical environment. By it’s pyramidal shape covered with broken mirrors, the pyramid invites intrigued spectators to approach it. When people interact with it or, more precisely, move their hands over the pyramid, three headlamps emit light on each facet of the installation which reflects attractive and captivating shapes on walls around the artwork.


Electrical board made with circuits 555 and LM339


© Naïade Aoun et Lawrence Dupuis - 2014

This interactive project was conceptualized as part of Concordia's PROGRAMING FOR ARTIST course. Using the MAX / MSP software, I set up an audiovisual installation allowing the audience to dialogue for a brief moment with Kim, an artificial intelligence. Several videos of the actress were recorded and downloaded in MAX / MSP. The recordings were activated manually if necessary. The perfomance requires the presence of a technician familiar with the various sequences of the actress to make her sound natural and less robotic.


Torment Project is an audiovisual installation officially selected and presented as part of the ART MATTERS Multidisciplinary Art Festival held annually at Concordia University. The project consists of a simultaneous presentation with three short films shown on several televisions. Each TV has a different soundtrack, providing spectators with a new experience each time they listen to it.